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Gilboa® DMR 18"

The Gilboa® DMR is based on the same hard-running platform of the Gilboa® rifle. The DMR is a heavily modified Gilboa® semi-auto rifle, designed specifically for increased accuracy. The DMR is fitted with a heavy match barrel for better harmonics and has a 1:7 twist. This twist rate is idealized for using heavier grain ammunition (62-77 grains) but all projectile weights of .223 REM ammunition can be fired from the DMR barrel.
The muzzle of the barrel is crowned for accuracy.

• Light weight and convenient mobility.
• Accuracy while maintaining operational role ability.
• Penetration.
• Firepower.
• Common ammunition and magazine.
• Quick and easy magazine change.
• Operators face safely away from chamber (safe from catastrophic chamber failure and gases.

Caliber .223 Rem
Method of operation Gas impingement
Weight without magazine 3.2 kg
Overall length (stock extended) 900mm
Overall length (stock folded) 815mm
Barrel length 368mm (18")
Bore characteristics Chrome lined 1:7
Firing mode Semi auto